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Voice Authentication

Voice Authentication

Voice remains one of the most-used channels, so businesses drawing on data from sources such as mobile operators can help agents offer more personalized interactions. In addition, biometrics such as phone fingerprint scanners offer another level of security. Being able to leverage multiple layers to gain insight provides a more complete picture and enables organizations to resolve interactions faster.

Voice can also be used to manage and resolve fraudulent activity in financial institutions. The challenge is to maintain a seamless and frictionless consumer experience. The digital identity fraud landscape is continually evolving as attacks become more sophisticated and organized. Voice biometrics supports our frictionless authentication and creation of trust, using voice profiling.

What is Voice Authentication Service?

Businesses face the challenge of maintaining consumer trust when sending sensitive information while providing the best, most convenient customer service experience possible. VAC(Voice Authentication Service) addresses these concerns by providing the most advanced speaker authentication capabilities available in the market today. It enables mobile and web applications to securely verify the identity of your customers in a highly secure, automatic and effortless manner. VAC enables your applications with speaker authentication capabilities.

The VAC API provides 3 main capabilities:

  • Your customers will be able to complete his enrolment process at home using their smartphones or web application.
  • Allows your applications to verify the customer’s identity over any channel (mobile, web, microphone) by comparing the authentication audio file against a previously created model.
  • Permits your application to prevent replay and cut and paste attacks.

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September 21, 2017