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Dezhafzar capabilities of prevention the spread of COVID-19
More than 1000 successful installation,dezhafzar,dezhafzarnet
More than 1000 successful installation
High quality products suitable for international trade,dezhafzar,dezhafzarnet
High quality products suitable for international trade
Participation in international businesses,dezhafzar,dezhafzarnet
Participation in international businesses
Expert in changing idea to patent,dezhafzar,dezhafzarnet
Expert in changing idea to patent

Do you want to know About Us ?

  • Dezhafzar, headquartered in Tehran, Iran, was founded in 2015 by a group of young talented professionals with more than a decade of experience in fields of cyber security and high-performance computing.
  • Equipped with their insight into common features and limitations of market-leading network security products, Dezh Afzar was founded with a vision of bringing more flexibility to IT infrastructure security.
  • We provide flexible and customizable network security solutions, that match the exact needs of the target network environment.
  • Our UTM (unified threat management) platform, Ariadezh, is available in various form factors to fit any environment, ranging from home users to high-throughput enterprise networks.
  • We also provide an array of security services, including intrusion detection and prevention, application layer inspection, TLS inspection, hardware data leak prevention and one-way flow control, and voice authentication, which can be integrated in various forms to meet the needs of our customers
  • Our products have been tested and approved by independent testing labs and business organizations in both the private and public sectors.

What is Our goals ?

dezhafzar,Entrepreneurship and elite employment
Entrepreneurship and elite employment
dezhafzar,Localization of new technologies
Localization of new technologies
dezhafzar,Export of products and services
Export of products and services
dezhafzar,Leading the way is national security
Leading the way is national security

Why are we different?

  • Youthfulness,dezhafzar,dezhafzarnet

    All employees of the company are under 30 years old

  • The edge of technology,dezhafzar,dezhafzarnet
    The edge of technology

    Production of products such as voice authentication on the edge of technology

  • Pivotal knowledge,dezhafzar,dezhafzarnet
    Pivotal knowledge

    90% of the company's activities are focused on research and development

  • Belief in system engineering,dezhafzar,dezhafzarnet
    Belief in system engineering

    Existence of work management and knowledge management processes in all activities

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